Home Wars


About the project:
In 2012 I was appointed as the chief make-up artist in the first sitcom shot and created specifically for the Bulgarian audience in the traditions of the classic American sitcom. The cast was brilliant – made up of exceptionally popular and loved comedians. The project was produced very professionally – it was shot in a domestic décor specially designed for this purpose, which provided the best possible surroundings for the production of this TV series.

About the Company:
MediaPro Entertainment is a leading production company in Central and Eastern Europe, which was acquired by Central European Media Enterprises (CME) in 2009, the current owner of bTV Media Group.

Home Wars enjoyed enormous success and was aired in the primetime of BTV, a national television channel.
My work with so many stars of the Bulgarian cinema and theatre was not only a great pleasure, but also a great challenge, and it secured my position as one of the best make-up professionals in our country. I know very well the specificities of TV make-up thanks to my participation in other television projects.

After the successful first season of the TV series, a few more followed, in which I was involved too. My work with the filming team was absolutely delightful. The art of make-up is boundless, and the numerous projects in which I have been lucky enough to participate have made me even more addicted to art and creativity.

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