About Me


My name is Danielle Dinkova and I was born on 18 August 1982 in Burgas, Bulgaria. I graduated from a College of Applied and Fine Arts with excellent results. I completed my higher education in Sofia with a degree in Graphic Design – Visual Arts.

Professional make-up has always been an interesting and challenging area for me and my professional career started as owner of one of the best Beauty Centres in Burgas and a professional make-up artist. I developed my business further and in 2009 I became exclusive distributor of Make-up Studio Professional Make-up for Bulgaria, developing a network of studios and points of sale throughout the country. My next step was the establishment of the First Private Make-Up Academy in Bulgaria. Thanks to my 15 years of experience in this field, I participated in fashion events and organized Make-up Workshops in our country with the participation of international make-up artists.

 In 2011 I became a master trainer of foreign film productions realized in Bulgaria, and of Bulgarian TV shows and sitcoms.

My desire for development and further refinement of my skills are my driving ambition for broadening my horizons and working outside the territory of Bulgaria.

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