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Individual eyelashes whit semi permanent adhesive. Mobile International Make-up Artist!


Your make-up is the finishing touch of your outfit. A couple of good strokes with the make-up brushes can change your life!

Modelling, Perfect Foundation, Face Fixing and Sculpting  – It would be great if we could have immaculate skin and bone structure of the face, perfect muscles and oval, but that unfortunately is not always the case – there is a multitude of generic factors and circumstances as a result of which we do not look the way we would like to. In short:

The perfect oval is achievable with only a few easy strokes. What you need to do is apply a dark contour at the base of the nose, the lower part up to the nostrils and the area around the eyes, as well as the lower jaw, and to accentuate the cheekbones – by drawing a diagonal from the tip of the ear to the corner of the lips; this is strictly individual for each person and if your face is quite rounded, you should raise the diagonal to a higher level. If you have a noticeably oblong face, you can apply the product in parallel to your lower jaw. To achieve a fine and graceful neck, apply dark corrector along the diagonal of your lower jaw and chin, thereby eliminating excessive neck skin or double chin.

We are working to achieve perfection, or in other words, a good oval.

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